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DLP General Staffing & Temp Services

At DLP Staffing & Temp Services, we're much more than a top-tier janitorial provider; we're also your premier staffing solution. Since 2008, DLP Staffing & Temp Services has been dedicated to alleviating the hiring burdens of businesses like yours. Acknowledging the challenges that come with scouting and retaining exceptional talent, we streamline your staffing needs, matching your company with individuals equipped to enhance your operations. Whether you need professionals in the administrative, construction, manufacturing, labor, warehouse, or medical industries, our staffing services can fill any gap in your team.

Our commitment runs deeper than placement; we aim for the creation of a balanced workplace ecosystem thriving with skillful and diligent staff. With DLP Staffing & Temp Services, you can be confident that we're handling the complexities of employment, covering critical aspects like SUTA and FUTA, while you focus on what matters most — growing your business. Trust us to be your strategic staffing ally. Reach out today!

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